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Original band members —

Steve Gerdes (bass/guitar/synths)
Courtney Davies (guitars/flute/vocals)
Biff Sanders (percussion/samples)
Tom Dolan (vocals/guitar/synth/words)

2nd Generation members —

Beth Thompson (vocals/guitar/words)

Brad Laner (guitars/effects)

Jon Napier (guitar)

contributors —

Robert Lopez (guitar)

Kris Force (cello)

2017 notes: Mostly, tunes came alive in the control room of SG’s synth farm at Hilda Labs. Not so differently from how things were done on Avenue 40 in Highland Park back in the dark ages, when Steve started recording demos on a 4-track Fostex cassette machine. Sometimes, nearly fully-formed songs bubble up from the swamp of soundscapes at BS’s studio, Barefoot Music. Things bounce around, and tunes that stick get words dropped on them pretty quickly. Then they’re acid-tested in live rehearsal, and it’s here that CD begins to lay in flute and/or guitars. If a song doesn’t come alive, we let it die. —TD